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"Jeder Avatar ist ein Künstler" 2009
January Lightfoot & Joseph Beuys 2.0


Joseph Beuys said: "Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler".This statement is now translated into the virtual World. The chat robot and virtual Representative "Beuys 2.0" is not a replica of the physical Joseph Beuys, but a 
contemporary result of responses to his own statement above. An interactive web 2.0 and web 3D project.

About Jan Northoff:

Studied Art and System-Design in Kassel/L.A. with Jason Rhoades.
Founder of the virtual City newBERLIN, and GmbH.
His actual focus is on social artworks in the 3D Internet and on "ART 2.0".
He uses Second Life as a new media.

"From paper to paper in 80 days/minutes/seconds/frames" 2009
Step5 Iceberg

It began with a book, and it actually ends on virtual paper. It's a partial re-
creation of the route around the world, which was used in the famous book
"Around the World in Eighty Days" by Jules Verne. The textures consist of text-
fragments (english/german) from the corresponding Wikipedia-Entrys and some
selfpainted small images.

About Patrick Becker:

Worker in a german steelplant.
Utilizes Second Life to explore, build, play... and explore. =^.^=
Creates paintings to relax from the stress of shift-working.

Wikipedia (ENG): Around the World in Eighty Days

Wikipedia (GER): Reise um die Erde in 80 Tagen

"Lost in Anaglyphs - 3D in 3D" 2009
Renate Lubitsch / Frank Sorge

The first stereoskopic pictures were made in 19th century, since then they have been popular every fifty years. There are different techniques to create an illusion of 3D with 2D-Pictures. At various locations in New Berlin you can find anaglyphic images for newBERLIN ART FESTIVAL, build from older photos which were never meant to be used in that way, or made with actual Inworld-Screenshots. Seen through Red/Cyan-Glasses the pictures get a third dimension.

About Frank Sorge

About Renate Lubitsch

"Call for EULA's" 2009
Jon Paludan

When you click the black box you get an invite to participate in Call for EULA's. The project Call for EULA's is about the juridical framework for more or less public accessible media and electronic spaces, simulations and games.To participate in the project simply register at and post a suggestion for any kind of End User License Agreement, Terms of Service, or Terms of Use. There are no limits for what you want to set the terms for. You’re the boss.

Publish your own End User License Agreement here:

About Jon Paludan

Curator of in Second Life. Artist and game designer.

"Global apartheid" 2009
Sca Shilova (NL/ZA)

previous work

title unknown 2009

Performance by Second Front

Ze Moo

"Living History Graffiti"

(A Wall as a 'World Stage')

My proposal is to turn the virtual replica of the Berlin Wall into a 'television screen':  'Video Player Paint' With moving images of political, social and art happenings related to some of the most dramatic walls/fences/borders of the world in the early 21st century.

Like video images of the wall between Israeli's and Palestines, North/South Korean Border, Mexican/US border, Europe Union/African border and others.

Thomas Schroeren
"Thomas Schroeren on the atom"

See on Youtube

and more...

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