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Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009

Jeder Avatar ist ein Künstler

"Jeder Avatar ist ein Künstler"
January Lightfoot & Joseph Beuys 2.0

Joseph Beuys said: "Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler".This statement is now translated into the virtual World. The chat robot and virtual representive "Beuys 2.0" is not a replica of the physical Joseph Beuys, but a contemporary result of responses to his own statement above.
Second Life is based on user created content, and nothing happens unless you do something. Therefore it is tempting to let every Avatar co-produce the content of the Beuys 2.0.

The web 2.0 development is the internet revolution of user created and user involved social platforms and networks, changing the real life world. The Beuys 2.0 Bot implements an upgrade and manifestation of the collective memory of Joseph Beuys.

The Beuys 2.0 Bot is a product of Jospeh Beuys´ open understanding of creativity, learning and
people. This means everybody can now feed the Beuys 2.0 while speeking (chatting) with him.

Or register/install/login first:
When the "soziale plastik" has learned enough it will be transfered into an Avatar, and it´s soul will be released into the virtual world...

Technical Description
.0 created an empty "brain" of a megaHAL chatBOT blackbox and connected the interface with Second Life. Right now there is a Beuys 2.0 cube in Second Life, where everybody can go and talk to the BOT. The Bot will remember all sentences and process the memories for reconfiguring the information in a new context.
The more information the Beuys 2.0 receives, the more complex he thinks.

Jan Northoff aka January Lightfoot
part of the .0 [punkt null] artist group

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